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...BLAGOST means: kindness, goodness, kind-heartedness , sweetness… this is perfect description for this wonderful breed of cats…


Cattery of Siberian cats Blagost is registered at:  Nffe- National Federation of Felinology Bulgaria,  Fife-Federation Internationale Felined and Suomen Siperiankissa ry. First cat of the cattery is BG*Jasmina Sibirela.



This is a cat designed by nature to survive, with no extremes in type. The Siberian can take up to five years to mature, with females generally being smaller than the males. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness. Siberian cats are very personable and want to be near their owners.

They enjoy the company of children, dogs, and other animals. They are fearless and easygoing. Not much disturbs their natural calm and equanimity. They seem to know when they are needed for psychological and moral support and spend time with the person who needs that support. They are a quiet breed that expresses itself in a melodic way through sweet mews, trills, chirps, and lots of purring. All types of toys intrigue them. Some learn to play fetch, while others are intrigued by the moving cursor on the computer screen or sit and watch, entranced, as you type.

Acrobatic by nature, the Siberian will play hard, often executing amazing somersaults in pursuit of a feather toy. An over enthusiastic kitten may need to be rescued while attempting to climb the bricks on the fireplace or jump to the top of a bookshelf. Siberians stay playful throughout their lives.

SOME BASIC TITELS AND ACHIEVEMENTS:1531780_667577839929714_663496358_o

ЕXE- excellent, САС- a Candidate Champion,

CH- Champion , CACIB- a Candidate International Champion ,

IC- International Champion,

CAGCIB- Candidate for a Grant International Champion ,

GIC- Grant International Champion.

Best in Variety, Best in Show



          Cattery Blagost are located in Helsinki, Finland.

               Breeder: Bachelor of zoology Marina Yavorskaya

                     e-mail: [email protected]          

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